"It’s incredibly inspiring to see the vision of Ear Taxi Festival become a reality. Not only is it a showcase of the innovative new music that thrives in Chicago, but it’s also a celebration of a fearless and entrepreneurial community of people, who have dedicated their lives to creating art that comments upon the complexity and depth of our modern culture. This is an event that will not only confirm that Chicago is a center for great contemporary music, but will hopefully encourage new music to flourish in an ever widening variety of contexts.”

- Jennie Oh Brown

Picosa's vision of music goes beyond musical genres and concert stages. Each program we present is a microcosm of history with a purpose that extends beyond the sounds we hear. Picosa embraces an eclectic range of repertoire in its unique approach to programming. Our concerts present the celebrated chamber masterworks of the ages side-by-side with those rare finds that make each program a new discovery. With a body of repertoire that ranges from baroque to new experimental and for soloists to full ensemble, Picosa presents every work with sublime artistry and athletic virtuosity. As musicians, we are personally committed to Chicago and to building both its profile in the arts and its larger community. Every concert prominently features the work of a local Chicago composer. Additionally, we are privileged to collaborate with community organizations through an ongoing partnership each full season. This year, we feature the work of Hesed House. In every concert we perform, we hope to bring awareness to their cause and support needs they may have. We are also committed to bringing music to those they serve through donated tickets and outreach concerts for communities that are typically under-served by the arts.