SUS: the long thin wire

Christopher Preissing
SUS: the long thin wire, from the opera Thunder, Perfect Mind (2015)
suspended string trio and long tuned wires with piano resonator
15 minutes (3 showings)

SUS: the long thin wire is a performance-installation for suspended string trio, long tuned wires and piano resonator. Short for SUStain—to support or bear up from below; SUSpend—to hang by attachment from above; and SUSpension—musically, one note or harmony sustained while another changes, SUS places the spectator—not to mention the performers—in the precarious position of ascent and descent. In my opera, Thunder, Perfect Mind, SUS functions as an intermezzo, appearing at the opening, after the 2nd act, and in the middle of the 3rd act. Long wire players send and receive signals, or packets of information to and from heaven and earth. Suspended performers—dressed in white—represent heavenly bodies, both a memory and foreshadowing of that from which Sophia has come, and to which Eve aspires.

SUS is a continuation of my experiments with spatialization that first appeared in my earliest works, including Enigmatic Game, Bull, and Ambages (unfinished), to the more recent Here ≠ There. As in the spatial music of Henry Brant, SUS is spatialization laid bare. The initial impetus for the work was presented in a collaboration with video artist, Pia Cruzalegui. The chairs were designed and built by Marcus Bosch/Boschwerks and Andrew Tyson. Current support structures were designed and built by Christopher Haite. Text is from Andrew T Royal’s Complete Analysis, a cut-up poem from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

Performance Date: October 6, 2-3pm, FREE
Installation: September 20, 2016 - February 12, 2017, FREE
Popular Library, Harold Washington Library Center
400 S State St, 1st floor