“This is such an exciting event for celebrating the diversity and wealth of creativity in Chicago. Ear Taxi Festival embracing all forms of new music performance and creation not only brings our whole artistic community together, but also the whole city of Chicago. It's very inspiring!”

- Shanna Gutierrez

Frauke Aulbert, voice
Shanna Gutierrez, flute
Francisco Castillo Castillo, electronic

Collect/Project emerges from a pool of today’s highly skilled contemporary music interpreters, versed not only in classical and experimental performance techniques but also steeped in popular and folkloric music traditions. Collect/Project members seek more than mere interpretation and perfect fulfillment of a score. We seek the music within the music. We seek creative subtlety to free orthodox interpretations and reveal novel nuances. Performing not only oeuvres which deploy the creativity of the performer beyond what might be considered normal boundaries, but also taking the liberty of re-creating or re-arranging a work in new ways which still serve the original creative intent of the composer.

Collect/Project believes the art of interpretation is a fundamental component in the creation of music, for which the score can only be a reminiscence. Music in the western world is mostly a result of coproduction: performers are in need of composers and vice versa. One would not exist without the other. The collection and projection of the music hidden within a score requires dedicated work of a most sensitive musician to give life to what existed, however intangible, before the committing to paper, and not merely reproduce the symbols on the paper. collect/project believes the art of music is desperate for interpreters with courage for such performances.

Frauke Aulbert, coloratura soprano, multivocalist

As “Hamburg’s queen of avantgarde” (Hamburger Abendblatt), Frauke Aulbert boasts a vocal range of four octaves and has specialized in the contemporary vocal performance having mastered overtone- and undertone-singing, multiphonics and other timbre-altering techniques, in addition to her formal training in lyrical singing. As a vocal-sound-researcher she studies, describes and sings many different genres - including gamelan, jazz, dhrupad, beatboxing, – and applies those sounds to her interpretation of contemporary vocal music. Improvisation and performances of pieces specifically written for her voice have led to festivals all over Europe. International concert tours have included Brasil, Georgia, Tunisia and the USA. In 2015 she will sing (among others) in Australia, at the Biennale of Contemporary Music in Curitiba, Brasil, at Warsaw Autumn in Poland, and at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. She was awarded the first prize by the Stockhausen Foundation for interpreting the INDIANERLIEDER, and received long-term artists residencies in Rome and Paris (Goethe Institut and Cité International des Arts). Frauke Aulbert has collaborated with the composers Georges Aperghis, Vinko Globokar, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Simon Stockhausen, Geoffroy Drouin and Alexander Schubert. Her work and her concerts are supported (among others) by the Ministry of Culture of Germany, IMPULS, the Stockhausen Foundation and the Deutsche Auswärtige Amt. She studied in Kiel, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Hamburg (diploma) and has attended masterclasses with Lauren Newton, Sainkho Namchylak, David Moss, Michael Vetter, Michiko Hirayama, Linda Wise and Amelia Cuni. Her dissertation examined “Overtone Singing in Contemporary Music.”

Shanna Gutierrez, flute

As a specialist in contemporary performance practice and techniques, flutist Shanna Gutierrez is dedicated to promoting and advancing contemporary music in cultural life today through innovative performances and educational projects. She appears throughout the United States and abroad as a soloist, clinician, and in various chamber collaborations, including Collect/Project and Sonic Hedgehog. She has performed as a guest with the Collegium Novum Zürich, ensemble interface, ensemble TZARA, Fonema Consort, and Looptail Ensemble, in addition to concerts and residencies in Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, The Netherlands, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, and the United Kingdom. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her performances including, prizes at the 2011 (THINKI) and 2013 (XI) Stockhausen Courses, the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, and a NewMusicUSA project grant. She was a founding member of Chicago-based Ensemble Dal Niente, recipient of the 2012 Kranichstein Prize for Interpretation. Premieres and performances of pieces written specifically for her have led to appearances at such festivals as the Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Sonic Fusion Festival, Darmstadt New Music Courses, BEAMS Marathon, and ANODE inaugural festival. Shanna studied contemporary music under Matthias Ziegler, Camilla Hoitenga, Eva Furrer, Philippe Racine, and Kathinka Pasveer. Such has served as indispensable enrichment to her performance studies at the University of Michigan (Amy Porter) and Northwestern University (Walfrid Kujala), where she received her masters and bachelors degrees, respectively. She performs on a Burkart flute and (open-hole) piccolo and Kingma open-hole bass and alto flutes.

Francisco Castillo Trigueros, electronics

Francisco Castillo Trigueros (b. 1983) is a composer of contemporary chamber, orchestral and electronic music from Mexico City residing in Chicago. He has received numerous distinctions such as the BMI Student Composer Award, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Young Composer's Forum Jury prize, two honorable mentions in the Morton Gould Young Composer Awards, and four nominations for the Gaudeamus Music Prize. He often works with ensembles that integrate instruments and performers from different parts of the world and also composes for traditional classical music formations, sometimes including the use of electronics.  Francisco recently received a Ph.D at the University of Chicago, where he served as Computer Music Studio Manager for three years, and is currently teaching Digital Music Composition at Columbia College Chicago, and Theory and Composition at the New Music School. His mentors include Augusta Read Thomas, Shulamit Ran, and Howard Sandroff, among others. Current projects include a large-scale collaborative work with video artist Marco G. Ferrari, a new piece for Ensemble Dal Niente, and the music for a video-dance by Delfos Danza Contemporanea.