beyond this point

beyond this point is an exploratory collaboration seeking to investigate resonances and intersections across several practices including theater, movement, media/film, non-traditional musical forms, sculpture, text, and installations both static and performative.  The collaboration aims to engage diverse audiences on multiple levels through its exploration of resonances between artistic mediums with a goal of developing a platform in which to create works that are intrinsically coalesced along these resonances from their point of inception.

beyond this point was founded in 2014 by Chicago percussionists John Corkill and Alex Monroe.  Among the group’s chief artistic collaborators is Dado, a Chicago theater director and MFA graduate from the University of Chicago's DOVA program.  The collaboration has presented hybrid works for percussion, vocals, visual art, and theatre at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, the University of Chicago’s Gray Center for Arts & Inquiry, A Red Orchid Theatre, The Artistic Home, Constellation, and Kamehachi Sushi Bar in Chicago, Illinois.  The group’s musical collaborations have resulted in original works by Samuel Adams, John Elmquist, Pierce Gradone, Igor Santos, and David Skidmore.  In Spring of 2015, beyond this point, with support from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, presented a series of commissioned works by Chicago composers designed specifically for performance in and around the Chicago Transit Authority train stations.