Andreas Waldburg-Wolfegg

“How fabulously exciting to know that our hometown gets to celebrate so many of the brightest & best in the music community, their contributions to our lives and the joy we draw from it. Can't wait to have my ears to popped!”

Mr. Andreas Waldburg-Wolfegg serves as a Vice President of Wanger Advisors Trust - Wanger USA. Mr. Waldburg-Wolfegg serves as Lead Portfolio Manager of Columbia Acorn Trust - Columbia Acorn European Fund. Mr. Waldburg-Wolfegg serves as an Analyst of Wanger European Smaller Companies Fund. He has been Lead Portfolio Manager and Analyst at Columbia Wanger Asset Management, LLC (formerly, Columbia Wanger Asset Management, L.P) since 2002. He has been Vice President of various funds in the fund complex of Columbia Acorn Trust since 2011. He served as a Vice President of Columbia Acorn Trust and Wanger Advisors Trust since September 2011. He is a Member of the international equity team at Columbia Wanger. He served as investment experience since 1992. He is a C.F.A. candidate. He holds an MA from the University of St. Andrews-Scotland.